Make your savings pay with green energy Asset Finance solutions from Money Sphere

With access to a large panel of lenders in the green energy market, our finance partners Money Sphere can offer green energy finance which gives you the opportunity to spread the cost of your energy-efficient upgrade project with a purpose-built asset finance solution that works for you.

Whether it be LED lighting, Solar panelling or electrical charging points – Our finance partners Money Sphere Ltd are able to provide you with a finance solution that gives you access to the green energy equipment you need, the payment schedules can be adapted to suit you. Given the degree of flexibility Money Sphere can offer, a green energy finance solution means that it can be adapted to your specific investment.

Funding available from £5k + VAT upwards.

Why choose Asset Finance for your installation?

  • Spread the cost – Why extract cash up front for a depreciating asset? With asset finance, you have the freedom to pay for your equipment as you derive the benefits from it, no business pays its staff’s wages 3 years in advance so why would you do it on your assets?
  • Tax Efficiency – All costs associated with your asset finance are wholly allowable against corporation tax meaning the combined rentals across your financial year are deducted from your annual profits before taxation
  • Conserve cash flow – By choosing asset finance, you can preserve your cash flow and spend it on other areas of the business that may need attention, it also gives you some breathing space should the unexpected ever happen
  • Easy payment options – All Money Sphere arrangements are done on a very simple and easy to manage monthly or quarterly direct debit
  • The full solution – Money Sphere can also include installation, maintenance and warranties in the arrangement
  • Transparent end of lease options – ALL Money Sphere leases offer ultimate transparency so that you know exactly what happens beginning, middle and end. Money Sphere never leave anything to the element of surprise

If you are interested in how you can gain the multiple benefits of simply spreading the cost of your green energy upgrade, please let us know and we will ask Money Sphere to get in touch to discuss.

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