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EV Charging at Home

Using industry-leading brands to ensure you have the best solution – charging your electric vehicle at home has never been made easier.

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Trusted EV charging point installers

The electric vehicle transition is in full swing and as EV sales grow year on year, so will the demand for residential charging points. Charging is an essential part of EV ownership so chargers are likely to become more commonplace at homes and workplaces in the next few years.

Our team can give you qualified advice on the most cost-effective charging solution for your home while also aiming to meet the unique demands you and your property might have for one.

We install only the best chargers available from industry-leading manufacturers to install standard and fast EV charging devices.

Why not help your family and friends who need a charger when they visit?

The EV revolution

Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming rapidly more popular and most manufacturers offer electric models now. Demand is at an all-time high and so both public and private spaces will need to match the popularity with adequate supply of chargers.

Bright Spark staff have years of expertise driving and installing electric vehicles for personal and professional reasons. We can install EV chargers at both commercial and residential properties, offering the best products on the market.

Charging points are free to use as well as operate when powered entirely by sustainable energy sources such as solar or battery storage.

Why have EV charging at home?

Fast charging

An EV charger can charge your vehicle up to three times faster than a standard thee-pin plug and socket.

Easy to manage

Downloadable apps allow you to view and check on your car’s charging status from anywhere remotely.

Cheaper to run

Fast charging means you can get more energy into your car during off-peak price periods.

Free charging

Keep costs down when you power our installed EV chargers entirely with solar energy.

Improved property value

Increase the value of your property as demand for residential electric car chargers increases.


Rest easy when you get home from work knowing you can put your car on charge.

Residential EV charging points

Electric vehicles are increasing rapidly in both popularity and affordability. It is more beneficial than ever to invest in the future of EV charging today.

As popularity grows so will the demand for home charging stations at residences. Your home will be able to charge electric vehicles effectively and safely with the installation of our residential EV charging stations.

The Bright Spark team are certified installers of MyEnergi and Solar Edge – two of the industry’s leading brands. We are passion able about protecting the environment we live in and ensure our clients get the best products are competitive prices.

How does solar EV charging work?

A solar-powered EV charger enables you to use extra energy generated by your solar PV panels to charge your vehicle. Solar panels must be installed at your home to create solar energy but the energy they produce is entirely free meaning you can run your car at no cost.

If combined with a battery storage system, you will be generating solar energy throughout the day that you can then use to charge your electric vehicle (EV) at night. Any extra solar energy you generate gets stored in the battery and used for appliances – including your EV charger.

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Reduced carbon footprint

Installing electric vehicle charging solutions across the UK

Our team of electric vehicle and energy specialists have experience supplying installations for Arundel, Chichester, Portsmouth, Exeter and their surrounding areas. If you’re further afield – no problem! We’re happy to travel and provide you the same excellent service for your property as we do closer for properties closer to home.

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Why Bright Spark?

Councils, community organisations, businesses, and homeowners have trusted us to build thousands of PV systems of various shapes and sizes on a variety of roof types.

Our fully accredited team of solar and renewable experts can design, supply and implement solar systems across the country.

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